JP Allen’s Ukulele Buddy Lessons PDF Book Download

JP Allen’s Ukulele Buddy Lessons PDF book download. Since quarantine, I’ve started learning the ukulele. I tried guitar a couple years ago and my hands were just too tiny even when stretched to fit the frets. But, with the uke, I feel like it was made for me. I strum and I pick and I feel alive. I’ve played instruments in the past, but this one is different.


This one just feels like home. The day before I listened to that song, I had learned a chord that gave me that feeling Cohen talked about in the song. A chord that gave me more than just music, it gave me inspiration, it gave me purpose, it brought me to life. That chord was E7, and I was playing it in a David Bowie song, “Space Oddity”. I don’t know if that’s the same chord David played, but it pleased me. Maybe one day I’ll be able to find out.

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