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Eric Taller’s Thought Elevators System PDF download. I’ve been told to speak up more times than I can count. And it’s been implied that, for anyone to truly notice my value, my intelligence or my gifts, I have to be loud, make noise, stand out, and tell the world. While I think this is true in many instances—after all, we wouldn’t ever have scientific breakthroughs or life-saving medicines or technological innovations if their inventors didn’t speak up and tell someone—maybe this notion doesn’t apply to everyone. Maybe some people don’t need the world to know about all their successes, their progress, and tiny triumphs that make their hearts beat faster. Maybe some people are content with their quiet wins or only comfortable sharing them with a select few who matter the most. Maybe some people are completely fulfilled knowing that the person they see in the mirror is their biggest cheerleader. Or maybe some people don’t even have anyone close to them, no one with whom they can even share these little victories.

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