Yantra Manifestation System [PDF]

Do you want to learn how to attract money and health? Then all you need is Yantra Manifestation System. Michael Tsering’s book in PDF format is exactly what you need for the long-awaited changes in your life. Failure or success — everything happens in the mind firstly and only then it becomes a reality. That is why stingy, limited minds will never attract money. If they do have money, it is only because of infinite prudent economy. To attract money you need to have a broad and generous mind.

Narrow-minded people block all the chances to abundance. Only hopeful, cheerful, perky attitude to life wins. Optimism is the constructor of prosperity. Pessimism is the killer of prosperity. Optimism is the greatest generator. This is hope and life. It has everything that forms mental attitude that will help us to achieve prosperity and enjoy it. Moreover, you may lose your property, your health — even your reputation! However, if you keep faith in yourself and look up, you will always have hope of restoration of everything you have lost.

As long as you radiate doubt and despondency, you will be a looser. If those who were sure that they had lost their chance forever and they would never be able to stand on their feet again, if they only knew the power of their thoughts, they would easily start all over again. However, before you discover a new world, you have to believe in it. I know a family that has completely changed their lives by changing the mental attitude to it.

They had lived in an atmosphere of despondency and frustration for so long that they were convinced that success was for the others. They believed that they were doomed to poverty and their home and everything around was a picture of decline and failure. Everything was falling apart. All the paint was peeling off the house, there were no carpets on the floor, and there were no pictures on the walls, so there was nothing that could make the house to be cozy and pleasant. All the family members looked like losers. The house was bleak, cold and unhappy. Everything in there was depressing. One day the mother read a book that said that poverty was a mental illness mostly. She immediately started to change her way of thinking, gradually replacing the depressing, sad, and failure thoughts on the opposite.

She took a sunny, cheerful position; she looked and behaved as if the world is a place worth living. Soon her husband and children learned her cheerfulness, and very soon, instead of pessimism, optimism reigned in the house. The husband has also changed his habits. He started to shave before his work and wear only clean clothes. He pulled himself together, began to comb his hair, cleaned himself up and started to look up. The children followed his example. As a result, what many people would call “luck” just came to them.

Changes in thoughts, a look towards success and happiness instead of failures reflected on the consciousness of the father, gave him hope and courage, he increased his effectiveness greatly, and he was soon promoted. The same situation was with sons. After two or three years of living in such a creative, inspiring atmosphere of hope and courage, the whole family has completely changed — and the house, too! It was repaired, updated both outside and inside.

We must play our part in our aspirations. If you are trying to become successful, you have to play your part. If you are trying to demonstrate abundance, you must do it — not pitifully and weakly, but broadly and decisively. You must feel abundance.

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Yantra Manifestation System