Matt Numrich’s Street Fighting Matrix Course Download

Matt Numrich’s Street Fighting Matrix course download. My name is Matt Numrich, and I’ve been teaching martial arts for over 20 years. I have been blessed with a ton of experience, as I’ve: Ran multiple defense academies with hundreds of students Have taught over 4,000 students personally over two decades for all ages and abilities, with many more through seminars Logged in over 30,000 teaching hours Written for the most prestigious martial arts magazines for over 15 years Trained elite military and law enforcement groups such as: US Air Marshals Agents of the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) US Army US Navy Individuals from the Secret Service, Navy SEALs and DEA As I started teaching so many different agencies and individuals, all with different skill levels, abilities and ages, I found that there were only so many self-defense situations out there… and I’m about to tell you what they are… 

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