Kelley Herring’s Keto Desserts PDF Ebook Download

Keto Desserts – PDF ebook download, by Kelley Herring. Discover 60+ quick and delicious Keto and Paleo dessert recipes. Feel free to read this book now! Fermented Swedish Turnips (Rutabaga) – I did this recipe in a 68oz pickle jar but you can adjust proportions if you like. Fermenting lids and weights are helpful but you can do this with stainless steel, plastic lids or a swing top like this one as it allows air out but not in. In place of a weight you will need a sanitized jar small enough to insert on top of the turnips. I like to pour a bit of avocado or extra virgin olive oil around the top to keep bacteria from getting in. Another trick is to fill a clean ziplock back with water and stuff it in. You’ll want to set it on a plate as it will leak fluids in this case.

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