Fat Cell Killer eBook by Brad Pilon [PDF]

Fat Cell Killer is a weight loss program for women and men. There is an eBook illustrating the entire course, a digital guide to fat burning cardio exercises and a calculator to assess your progress. The entire kit is priced at $29. Fat Cell Killer is authored by Brad Pilon. He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Human Nutrition.

He has decades of experience in the world of supplements. Brad Pilon has developed the “it’s about time” program and also authored bestselling books on diet, weight loss, and nutrition. His popular works include ‘Good Belly, Bad Belly’, ‘Progressions’ and ‘Eat Stop Eat’. He is an expert in the science of fasting.

Overview of Fat Cell Killer

Fat Cell Killer is exactly what it says it is. It is a weight loss program that helps you to kill or eliminate the fat cells in your body. Not many people know this but an average person has the same number of fat cells throughout their adulthood. There is a loss in fat cells only in the latter years of life. Old people may lose some of their fat cells due to aging. Young people, in the age group of twenty to fifty, do not lose fat cells. When anyone loses weight, it is simply the loss of fat as well as healthy mass.

The fat cells tend to shrink due to the loss of adipose tissues. The fat cells remain intact even after you lose weight. These fat cells will bulk up again when you eat a little more than what your body needs. Even the slightest indulgences or a rare cheat day can feed these fat cells. They will quickly pile up the excess calories and adipose tissues will be formed.

The accumulation of fat in the cells is a natural process. The fat cells will always have the tendency to absorb calories and convert unused nutrients to adipose tissues. This is why people lose weight and then regain fat after a period of time. The only way to lose weight permanently and to sustain a better body mass index is to get rid of the fat cells. No normal workout routine targets the fat cells. You will lose some fat and healthy mass but the cells will remain. The Fat Cell Killer program ends the vicious cycle of weight loss and fat gain.

Review of Fat Cell Killer

The program is simple enough for anyone to understand and get started. One does not require the assistance of fitness trainers. There is no stringent diet or starving. There are some high-intensity interval training required. There is a seven-minute cardio workout. You will need to use some charts or graphs to track your progress but all the details are clearly discussed in the book.

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