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Candlestick Trading Bible PDF ebook download by Munehisa Homma. ✓ Feel free to read now! ✓ Donna Jean Books. The economic outlook for the next five years is relatively sound with a continuation of lackluster growth and tepid inflation. However, risks to our scenario are significant, and the possibility of a recession, albeit shallow, cannot be dismissed. In this regard, the investment environment should remain challenging, lead to higher asset volatility, and increase estimation errors around forecasts. Compared to last year’s estimates, we find expected bond returns to be weaker across the board. This is mainly due to lower starting yields following a resurgence of uncertainty linked to slowing global growth and the trade dispute at the end of 2018. As such, benchmark nominal bond returns for the U.S. should average 1.4% over the next five years. With even lower yield-to-maturity, average returns for Canadian benchmark will be below 1%.

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