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Penis Enlargement Remedy – PDF eBook download, by Tom Candow. So, I really enjoy the fast food restaurant Wendy’s… Especially now that I’m pregnant and one of the only foods that I don’t have an aversion to is a salad. Finding salads that I’ll eat that I can purchase in a drive-through is particularly difficult for me since I generally don’t like most of the vegetables that are traditionally in a salad, but Wendy’s does happen to have one that I enjoy – the Spicy Chicken Caesar.

Which I get with home-style chicken instead of spicy, and Ranch Dressing instead of Caesar… but I digress.

These days it’s extremely difficult for me to make it through a Wendy’s without purchasing a delicious frozen chocolate treat. What’s been driving me absolutely crazy though, is that their frosty prices are so fucked up. (Are we saying “fuck” on here? I don’t think that was anything that was ever discussed…)


So, their SMALL frosty is 50 cents.  What a great deal, right?  Everyone should be happy…. RIGHT?


I’m annoyed.

I’m very annoyed.

You see, a JUNIOR size frosty costs 99 cents.  It’s like a quarter of the size of a small and it’s twice the price.  So whenever I go through the drive-through line, that voice on the speaker ALWAYS asks if I’d like a small, because it’s cheaper than the Junior size.

No, I don’t want your small frosty.  I am willing to pay you double the price of your small size just so I can have the junior size – even though it doesn’t make any sense and I kind of want to punch the speaker for being so annoyingly backward.

I don’t want a small because then I’ll feel like I need to eat the small.

I. don’t. want. that. much.

No, I don’t care that I’d save money (well, I do otherwise I wouldn’t be ranting, but I’m still going to pay more) I don’t want your stupid small frosty.

I feel like this somehow represents our current society in America as a whole.  Which I’m sure was thoroughly covered in the movie “Supersize Me” years ago…. I’ll have to rewatch that.

It’s not just the frosty, and I’m sure it’s not just Wendy’s, but have you noticed that their small sized beverage cup is now the size that their large was twenty years ago??

If you order a large they pretty much hand you a 2-liter in a cup.

It’s insane how much corn-syrup/food dye infused beverage we drink here in America.

Fricking insane.

And then we think that drinking Diet soda makes it somehow better.

If you’re actually on a diet and that’s why you’re drinking “diet” soda, maybe try drinking water instead?  I can almost guarantee your diet will go a whole lot better.

Which leads me to the water cups.

Have you ever asked for a glass of water at a fast-food joint?  They give you a cup about the size of a junior frosty.

I can understand the reasoning behind that – they don’t want you using it for a soda at the machines after you got the cup for free… but that seems to perfectly illustrate a lot of America’s ingestion habits when it comes to sugary deserts/beverages vs something actually designed by nature to go into our bodies.

That part of my rant is over, but I can’t have a post asking if bigger is always better without at least mentioning penis sizes.  (Even though that wasn’t at all what this post was about.)

There are, of course, different advantages to larger and smaller penises.  After experiencing my fair share in my lifetime, I’d have to say that there are benefits to all sizes on the spectrum – although you start to see decreased benefits when swinging to one extreme or the other.

Too small and you can’t really feel it (they’d better have an excellent tongue) – and too big and you end up googling, terrified that it’s not going to fit or that it’s going to tear your insides to shreds.

I do feel better now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’ve been steaming about that for a while now…

The frosty thing, not the penises.

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