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Books of Local and Regional Interest

Located in the café, our "local interest" section holds the crown jewels of Baker Books' collection. On these shelves, you will find an extensive array of titles with a distinctly local flavor. From the cultural history of area towns and cities, to the celebration of our region's ethnic diversity, to books highlighting our intimate and varied relationship to the sea, the books on these shelves cover every aspect of our local and regional history. Choose from one of the lists below to view the subject of your choice.

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Local History

Whaling  (See entire list / Back to top)

Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America
Eric Jay Dolin
Norton © July 2008
$15.95 paperback

   Leviathan This "engrossing account ... at once grand and quirky, entertaining and informative" (Publishers Weekly) delivers the fascinating 300-year history of American whaling, integrating literary, social, and economic history into an epic account of this once-vital industry. Nathaniel Philbrick calls it "The best history of American whaling to come along in a generation."

Spinner Publications  (See entire list / Back to top)

A Picture Post Card History of Fairhaven
Edt. Joseph Thomas and Jay Avila
Spinner Pub. © Jul. 2003
$22.00 paperback

   Journey A Picture Post Card History of Fairhaven is a pictorial treat served up with more than 200 favorite postcards culled from the collections of The Postcard Collaborators of Fairhaven. Shown collectively, the postcards comprise a medley of people, places, and events that paint a broad stroke of New England history. Fairhaven is a microcosm of the American experience -- with Indian and colonial history, American Revolutionary War battles, and a proud seafaring heritage. Stroll along her shady streets and rustic wharves. Visit her beaches, monuments and pavilions. Marvel at her quaint historic homes and architectural splendor. Enjoy the picture postcard town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Portuguese History  (See entire list / Back to top)

Through a Portagee Gate (Portuguese in America Series)
Charles Reis Felix
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth © Oct. 2004
$20.00 paperback

   Through a Portagee Gate Through a Portagee Gate is both autobiography and biography. It gives a remarkably honest self-portrait of growing up Portuguese in New Bedford and is also an endearing tribute to the author's father, a Portuguese immigrant cobbler who came to America in 1915. The narrative reveals a deep desire to escape the confines of the immigrant, ethnic world, while also acknowledging a keen nostalgia about one's past, a need to remember and pay tribute to those who came before us.

Fishing  (See entire list / Back to top)

Voices From the Waterfront: Portrait of the New Bedford Fishing Industry
Laura Orleans, Kirsten Bendiksen, Markham Starr
Working Waterfront Festival© Jan. 2010
$18.95 paperback

   Voices from... This 80-page book is based on interviews conducted over a five year period with 43 individuals from the New Bedford/Fairhaven fishing community. Their voices provide a rare first hand accounting of life and work in the port. Those interviewed include retired and active fishermen, lumpers, auctioneers, shoreside business owners, fisheries scientists, a tug boat captain, fishing family members and others. Oral history excerpts are accompanied by black and white portraits taken by photographer Markham Starr.

New Bedford  (See entire list / Back to top)

I Didn't Know That!: Greater New Bedford's Golden Nuggets Historic People, Places, and Events (1750 to 1925)
Jack Radcliffe
Lucem Diffundo Pub. LLC ©2001
$7.95 paperback

   I Didn't Know That The builder of the U.S.S. Constitution, the first African-American soldier to win the Congressional Medal of Honor, and the Witch of Wall Street, were all natives of New Bedford and its surrounding area. Gathered together - in many cases for the first time - in print are the not-so-trivial trivia of the city's rich and diverse history. I Didn't Know That! discovers New Bedford's historic gems, gathering them in one slim volume where they can shine as a beacon of hope for the city. Researched and written by Jack Radcliffe, with a touching and very apt forward by Gerald FitzGerald, former editor of the New Bedford Standard-Times, I Didn't Know That! is a loving tribute to one city's considerable history will undoubtedly become a family treasure to be read again and again.

Nautical History  (See entire list / Back to top)

Voyage of the Catalpa
Peter F. Stevens
Carroll & Graf © Jan. 2003
$24.95 hardcover

   Voyage Launched from New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1876, the American whaling ship Catalpa set out on a mission of mercy. This suspenseful book tells the real-life rescue of six Irish rebels from Britain's infamous prison colony in Fremantle, Australia. Despite the title, the book covers far more than just the rescue ship's voyage, bringing to life the web of political interests and conflicts among Ireland, England and the U.S. toward the end of the 19th century. In a fast-moving narrative that reads like fiction, journalist Stevens describes the ordeal of the Irishmen in prison, as well as the plotting of the clandestine rescue mission.

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